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In today’s fast paced, multi-generational and highly competitive market, businesses and employees need to partner together for sustainable success.

Compensation and Organization Solutions, Inc. helps small to mid size companies and the people in them be more mutually successful through the use of strategic total compensation programs and win win partnership communication tools that engage employees and increase the bottom line.

Highly engaged people create high performing companies. Everyone wins together. What would help your company grow?

CEO CC Mullen and her associates develop user-friendly, tailored to the situation, total compensation and partnership building communications programs that give companies the ability to attract, motivate, and retain the high performing employees they need to succeed.


CC (Constance G.) Mullen, MBA
CEO and Founder

CC is a respected expert in helping businesses and their employees partner together for sustainable success. She frequently presents informational workshops to a variety of audiences ranging from multi-industry CEO groups to Technology Company CXO gatherings to entrepreneurial and HR conference attendees.

CC is a graduate of Boston University with an MBA from Pepperdine University. She has served on the Boards of the Central Texas Compensation and Benefits Association (CTCBA), the San Antonio Manufacturers Association, and the Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve and on the conference committee of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME).

She is also a 2013 graduate of the Working in Partnership Program and a 2016 graduate of the Partnership in Business Certification Program.


Are you able to attract, motivate and retain the talented employees your organization needs?

The average cost of turnover ranges from one and a half to two and a half times the annual salary of the employee being replaced. And that's for "average" performing employees in "average" level jobs. 

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