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Our clients range from start-up high technology companies to insurance associations to small to mid sized private companies in a variety of other industries.  

What Our Clients Say About Us

"We hired CC Mullen and COS because we needed to develop an Operational Continuity Program which included but was not limited to:

  • Organizational Functions and Staffing Plans for two scenarios
  • Employee Retention Criticality worksheets
  • Retention and Severance Programs Research and Trend Information
  • Development of Retention Programs
  • Coordination with legal counsel to ensure appropriate language in all communication documents
  • Participation in Employee Meeting along with our BOD to communicate program to staff

The program CC developed for our Company was exactly what we were looking for in our unique situation. It has and will continue to increase our employee engagement, productivity and retention.

We have worked with CC and COS in the past on several projects and have always found CC to be professional, knowledgeable, responsive and extremely sensitive to our needs. We would highly recommend CC to anyone looking for an expert to meet the compensation and organizational needs of their Company in any situation."

--Stan Buck, General Manager, TMLIUA


As our company grew after a number of years in business, we were faced with more and more decisions related to title and compensation. Is this person too high? Is that person too low? What is the right title and what should we say when they ask for a change?

Because we take talent acquisition and retention very seriously, we retained CC to provide a strategic infrastructure that included both philosophy and hard numbers on every position in the company, from CEO to analyst.

The outcome was that we now feel completely confident in conversations we have with everyone in the business - why they are where they are and what they need to do to get somewhere else.

I feel this was an important investment that paid off with what we needed.

--Brook Schaaf, Chairman at Schaaf-PartnerCentric


"As a growing company, we feel it is very important to have competitive compensation programs in place to attract and retain highly talented employees. Utilizing CC's expertise and skill in the compensation area has proved to be highly valuable in helping us to achieve this goal. CC's strength is her business acumen, not only as it relates to compensation design, but also as it relates to serving as a business partner to her clients. She always brings a strong business insight, as well as a detailed and thoughtful approach to our human resource and compensation issues. CC is a tremendous value-add to any organization requiring professional and competent consulting expertise."

--Suzin S. Barnes, Vice President, Human Resources, Newgistics, Inc.


"Like many young, high-growth companies, BroadJump didn't have processes and plans in place for its compensation program early on. CC listened to us, studied the marketplace, and pulled it all together into a program that precisely fit our needs. Our employees loved it, because the program removed the mystery behind their compensation. Everyone knew exactly where they stood, and what they needed to do to progress financially and professionally - whether it was to learn new skills, or improve performance in a certain area. And from a management perspective, she helped take the mystery out of budgeting by giving us the tools to plan based on the company's business performance."

--Julie Kirk, Former Vice President Human Resources, BroadJump



Research shows that organizations with clearly differentiated performance metrics and rewards have 4X better returns on shareholder value.

Are your organization's performance goals and measurements clearly defined and are they tied to rewards in a way that everyone understands?

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