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Strategic Compensation Philosophy
You've written the business plan. Now you need to make it happen. How? The first step is a strategic compensation policy that aligns HR programs, policies, and processes with business goals. In other words, rewarding behaviors and performance that help drive company success.

Through our consultative approach, we create a company-wide framework that aligns your company's business goals with your employees' compensation. We'll help you clearly articulate the criteria by which compensation decisions are made, and determine the relative importance of base pay, incentives, benefits and other features of your total compensation package.

Base Pay Programs
Effectively structuring jobs, career paths and pay ranges is critical to attracting, retaining and incenting employees. But writing job descriptions, gathering the necessary competitive market data and developing job levels matrices, pay ranges and compensation program administrative processes can be a painful, time-consuming undertaking.

We take the hassle off of your team. Our experts have decades of experience in developing base pay programs. We design job level matrices that fit your company's organizational structure and business needs. We dig deep to uncover competitive market data as closely related to your industry and company as possible. From that research, we'll map employees' compensation data to the new job levels matrices and job titles, resolve any external or internal inequities, develop merit increase programs, and create a communication program that ensures a clear understanding of the program.

Short- and Long-term Cash Incentive Programs
Variable compensation, such as cash bonuses, can be a strong motivator for employee contributions to company success. But what's the right amount, who gets it, and what are the criteria to warrant receiving a bonus?

We answer all those questions and more. Our experts help you develop a program that aligns rewards with strategic objectives, new job structures and base pay. Our turnkey service gives you all the tools you need to launch the program - from the detailed program itself to an implementation timetable and communication program.

Equity Programs
Stock options or other forms of ownership can be an attractive incentive to reward performance that supports company objectives. We design programs that align equity positions with the company's other compensation programs to motivate and reward the performance that achieves the company's goals.

Executive Compensation Programs
When it comes to paying executives, base salary is just a part of the picture. We focus on creating solutions that focus executive performance on achievement of company goals.

No two executive pay programs are alike. We work with clients to develop a customized program that helps you attract and retain top talent, through a creative mix of base pay, cash bonuses, options, benefits and other compensation. Our in-depth competitive market analysis gives our clients unmatched insight into executive compensation offered across peer group companies - and an important edge to compete for the best executive talent available.

Performance Management Programs
There's no better way to engage and develop employees than through a well-designed performance feedback program. But a poorly conceived program can cause more harm than benefit. We help you determine the best performance management systems for your specific situation.  You will have everything you need to objectively and systematically rate employee performance, along with the tools necessary to tie that performance level to compensation actions.

Related Services

Client projects often include initiatives in related areas such employee assessments, job modeling, organizational structure redesign, training and general human resources.  COS collaborates with other experts to deliver seamless assistance to clients in these areas as well.

Given that a minimum of 35% of an organization's expenses are its employees, getting the best possible return on that investment is crucial.

Are your organization's compensation programs driving the behaviors that will help the organization succeed?

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